Monday to Saturday, 8 am and noon. Please note that we are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

No; we prefer to use our own bedding and toys. We do not take responsibility for any belongings damaged or lost during your animal’s stay.

No; we feed our dogs Prime 100 meat rolls and Lifewise dry food.
We only recommend supplying your own food (clearly labelled with instructions) if your dog is on a special diet for medical purposes.

Weather depending, we leave the dog’s doors into the exercise yards open from 8am until 5pm so the dogs can go to and from all day.  The dogs sleep indoors in heated kennels. We have floor heating in winter and evaporative cooling in summer.

We do provide photo updates via our facebook page during off peak times, however we are unable to photograph every dog and cat during the Christmas and Easter Holidays. We only post photos to our public facebook page, not to personal emails.

Any dog that is with us for more than five days receives a complimentary bath at the end of their stay. This is a bath and blow dry ONLY is arranged separately though who can be contacted on 0459 328 058.

Some dogs have shared exercise yards while others have their own yards, but this is dependent on the temperament of each dog.
Dogs that are sharing exercise yards are only ever paired with similar sized dogs with compatible temperaments.

We can administer certain medication for an additional fee. All medication must be clearly labelled with instructions. Animals that are deemed to be too unhealthy for boarding will be refused. Owners MUST inform us prior to the animal’s arrival of any medication.

No; we do not accept any animals that we consider dangerous to our staff.

All animals that are being delivered and collected via a pet taxi must have their invoices paid BEFORE their return home.