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  • I understand that the Bordatella vaccination is much like a flu-shot and does not guarantee that a dog will not contract canine cough.
  • I understand that leaving a dog in a kennel is like leaving a child in school. Colds, coughs, tummy upsets, etc. may occur. I authorise YARRAMBAT KENNELS to seek any veterinary attention that we feel is necessary. I also understand that I am responsible for all vet charges incurred during or after my stay. YARRAMBAT KENNELS accept no responsibility for such incidents.
  • YARRAMBAT KENNELS exercise all care, but accept no responsibility for any happenings, veterinary cost, damage or loss whilst your pet is in our care.
  • I understand that if my pet(s) is left beyond my stated boarding date, it is my responsibility to notify YARRAMBAT KENNELS. If YARRAMBAT KENNELS is not notified within 14 days, the animal(s) will be considered abandoned and may become a legal matter to local law enforcement. Please note that full payment is required before collection of your pet.
  • I understand and agree that YARRAMBAT KENNELS do allow toys, however such items may not be returned due to damage or not returned in the same state as when bought in.
  • If your animal is terminally ill, unable to move/walk, unable to get up from a lying position or is incontinent we will not accept the animal for boarding. We recommend boarding at a veterinary facility instead.
  • It is VITAL that we have an emergency contact phone number for all animals in our care; especially if the owner is overseas.
  • Please be aware that any animals that require a stay at a veterinary facility during their time at YARRAMBAT KENNELS must have their veterinary bills paid by the owner BEFORE we can collect them from the vet. If the vet is not paid, they may refuse to return the animal to our care.
  • Please inform us of any/all medical concerns your animal may have, including relevant documentation. Please be aware that we are NOT a rehoming service. Any dogs that are abandoned here (i.e left beyond their booking end date with no contact from the owner for a period of three weeks or more) will be surrendered to an appropriate authority.