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In leaving your animal with us you are accepting the following Terms & Conditions.

  1.  All animals are to be fully immunised with F3 or C5. Documentary proof is required.
  2.  We reserve the right to refuse any animal.
  3.  All pets are examined for tick and flea burden, treatment will be administered when necessary and charged accordingly.
  4.  The Kennels (Yarrambat Kennels & Cattery), its management & authorised staff, is in no way liable for damage to or loss of property of any kind.
  5.  The Kennels (Yarrambat Kennels & Cattery), its management & authorised staff, is in no way liable for death or injury of any nature.
  6.  I have no legal or moral ground to prosecute, issue writs or investigate proceedings against the kennels (Yarrambat Kennels & Cattery), it’s management & authorised staff pursuant to points 1 & 2.
  7.  I authorize the kennels, its management or staff, where it is not practical or expedient to communicate with me, to obtain such medical, surgical or ambulance service as may be considered necessary by the person approved for supervision of the kennels or its management and I furthermore agree to meet all cost incurred by such services.
  8.  Full payment for all booking is payable upfront For Xmas & Easter Holidays only, NO Payment-NO BOOKING. Any cancellations 30 days prior to holiday peak periods will result in loss of payment.
  9.  During holiday peak periods, kennel space is at a premium, regrettably, we must charge the full booking period of your choosing, so only book the dates you need, that will save you some money.
  10.  I agree if my pet attacks or causes serious injury to any person or animal, or demolishes any items, I will be held liable. Any pet not picked up after 7 Days of your Check out Date (& no communication has been forthcoming) will be treated as abandonment and dropped off at the council Pound.
  11.  All dogs deemed dangerous or menacing are to be reported during booking requests. Yarrambat Kennels & Cattery reserves the right to decline booking requests for dogs that are deemed to be dangerous or menacing.