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Here at Yarrambat Kennels, we are often asked what we require from customers before their animal stays with us for the first time. In response, we have compiled this easy guide to ensure that your animal’s stay with us runs as smoothly as possible:

Guide for First Time Boarders


Please ensure that your pet’s vaccinations are up to date and that their vaccine certificate is ready and available for our staff to see. Proof of up-to-date vaccinations is a legal requirement for all kennels and catteries. You can chose to either email us a photo of the vaccine certificate before you arrive OR bring it in with your pet when you check in.


Please inform us of any and all medical or dietary issues your pet may suffer from or be prone to. This can include any allergies, history of heat spots, aggression and anxiety. The more we know, the more we can assist you.


Yarrambat Kennels provides all food for your pet. We feed our dogs a mix of Chicken and Vegetable Prime100 rolls and Chicken and Turkey Lifewise dry food. All of our cats receive chicken flavoured Lifewise dry food. We also have a wide range of wet food available to our cats, so as long as you let us know what flavours they prefer, we can usually provide it. If your pet is on a specialised diet, then we encourage you to bring in their own food from home. This must be clearly labelled with instructions.


If you are bringing in medications for your pet, these will need to be clearly labelled with instructions. Please inform us beforehand as certain medications may incur an additional fee.


We provide all bedding and toys for your pets. In a majority of cases. it is not necessary to bring any of your pet’s belongings from home. Any bedding and toys that are brought in are done so at the owner’s risk.


Kennel Cough. Please be advised that, although we do all that we can to prevent the spread of kennel cough, it is unfortunately a risk that is inherently attached to leaving dogs at any boarding kennel.  It is not common, but may occur during peak times.


Pick up and Drop off times are between 9am and noon, Monday to Saturday. Our office is closed on Sundays and public holidays. We also offer and pick and delivery service to your house for an additional charge. The charge will vary depending on your location.


We wash all dogs that have been here for five days or more the day before they go home. We use Magic Tails Magic Wash shampoo. If your dog requires a medicated shampoo, please be sure to bring in with you. This must be clearly labelled.


We do not mix cats from different homes under any circumstance. If you are boarding more than one cat from the same home and would like them to be kept together, please let us know and we can place them in our specially-made double kennels.


For the safety of our staff, we are unable to accept any dogs with a history or risk of serious aggression towards people.

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If you would like to receive photo updates of your pet/s, please let us know and we will feature their photo on our facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/yarrambatkennels/